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The Geezer Gallery is a unique 501c3 non-profit art organization devoted to celebrating Master Level senior artists and providing “art as therapy” programs, giving voice through art to seniors in our community. Our creativity programs for seniors are designed to enable brain-cell growth, dexterity and an opportunity for personal self-expression.


A key program of The Geezer Gallery is exhibiting and marketing juried artwork created by artists age 60 and above. The Geezer Gallery currently  is collaborating with Artists Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.) to feature new exhibitions and artist receptions at each performance throughout at least the next 3 seasons.

The Geezer Gallery Presents
Working in the White Space
In conjunction with Artists Repertory Theatre’s Broomstick

Working in the White Space
Dianne Erickson
Encaustic Paintings

Artist Statement
I am a painter and printmaker. I allow myself the freedom of indecisions, improvisations, and impulsiveness in my work, which leads to exciting discoveries. I have worked extensively in acrylics and oils, but my most recent medium is encaustic and its very different technique of painting with wax and heat. This medium has given me a new way to explore my art.  I am interested in line, color and how movement is portrayed in a two dimensional space. Process is an important part of the work. I make my own medium and pigmented wax, and the texture and translucency possible with this medium has allowed me new explorations. While working on the substrate and exploring color and design, a conversation begins to form between myself and the creative act as it happens in real time. Images form and transform as I work, sometimes figurative, sometimes non-objective or abstract. When the piece is done, hopefully the conversation has led to a work of art that is both personal and universal in nature.

Geezer Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday Noon -6pm
Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison

Jean Thomas
Artists Repertory Theatre’s Producer’s Lounge

Oregon Inspirations
Acrylic & Oil
Jean’s style is impressionistic with strong design, vigorous brush work and luminous color. The work celebrates the desert spaces, coastlines and mountains she regularly visits. She shows her work in galleries in several western states. Besides successful one-woman shows, she has had her art published and has won numerous prestigious awards in juried shows. She is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, and England.


By John Biguenet
Directed by Gemma Whelan
October 27 – November 22
Morrison Stage

A fairytale twisted yarn of delightful humor and spine-tingling suspense conjures a spooky seasonal experience unlike any other. With Vana O’Brien in a tour-de-force solo performance, an Appalachian witch tells a heartfelt and poetic tale of her long life from first love, to heartache, to the hair-raising vengeance she wreaks upon those who’ve crossed her.

Click here for performance schedule and to purchase tickets.


The Geezer Gallery presents
Art in Action
Our Working Artist Studios Provided by Zidell Companies! art-in-action2


Located on Portland’s beautiful South Waterfront at the Emery Apartments, our new working artist spaces invite the public to watch our artists at work in our creative, interactive space!

Visit artists immersed in creative projects that may inspire your own creativity, featuring:

Kinetic sculpture | Photography | Acrylic | Mixed- Media | Printmaking |Oil | Light Sculptures

Now through December:
Wednesday – Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm​​​​​​​​
3139 & 3147 SW Moody Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97239


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