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Celebrating Portland!

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The Geezer Gallery Presents…

Celebrating Portland!

In conjunction with
Portland Shakespeare Project: Proscenium Live
Dracula’s Father by Cynthia Whitcomb and


Artists Reception:
August 18 (Thursday) & August 20 (Saturday) 6:30 – 7:30
Exhibition July 1st through August 2016

Geezer Gallery Hours and Location: Tuesday – Sunday Noon – 6 pm
Artists Repertory Theatre
1515 SW Morrison

Celebrating Portland!

Keeping Portland Weird – A Matter of Artistic (And Age) Interpretation!

How does a twenty-something artist capture the essence of Portland? How about an eighty-year-old? While most agree that Portland, Oregon, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, have you ever wondered what artists of diverse ages and backgrounds see when they paint, draw or sculpt our city?

Find out at the 2016 Celebrating Portland, a lively summer exhibition featuring a group of local artists and their beautiful, interesting, and everything-in-between interpretations of Portland.

This unique art exhibit brings together an eclectic group of artists from a variety of backgrounds and ages for a dramatic, intergenerational show celebrating the many unique and wonderful facets of Portland. The talented artists showcasing their work have inspired each other, and hope to inspire visitors, at the same time leave their mark on Portland’s internationally revered art community. The work on display includes: paintings, prints, sculptures, mix media, and installations.

The Artists:

Amy Ruedinger – Metal
Beth Kerschen – Photography and Printmaking
Dennis Anderson – Painting
Eleanor Erskine – Printmaking
Micah Krock – Painting
Marilyn Woods – Painting
Natalie Mussotto – Printmaking
Paul Zegers – Painting
Wayne Chin – Painting
Peter Greaver – Painting
Katherine Lesch – Metal Sculpture
Deviation USA – Custom Ski and Snowboards

The Portland Shakespeare Project Calendar:

Proscenium Live 2016

A Four-Day Festival of New Work
August 18, 19, 20, 21 at Artists Repertory Theatre

AUGUST 18: DRACULA’S FATHER by Cynthia Whitcomb
AUGUST 20: A NEW PLAY by Amy Freed
AUGUST 21: PERICLES WET by Ellen Margolis

TICKETS: 503-241-1278

All performances are free

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