The Geezer Gallery


orchas_2The Geezer Gallery (TGG) has just launched
ArtVault Art Consultants (AVAC), a visual arts consulting and project management service specializing in evidence-based design principles (EBD). ArtVault provides art-centered environments for organizations’ values and visions. Clients include corporations, small businesses, and healthcare and hospitality facilities.

  • ArtVault works with talented emerging, mid-career and established artists with high artistic standards to ensure quality works.
  • ArtVault helps TGG achieve its mission by increasing opportunities for senior artists and by helping TGG provide increased art therapy programming.
  • ArtVault creates revenue for the sustainability of TGG.
  • ArtVault represents all ages.


shipscape-#1The progressive act of bringing art into your environment provides increased benefits proven through Evidence-Based
Design (EBD) practices. ArtVault follows and encourages others to participate in these practices.

ArtVault is a division of The Geezer Gallery, a registered not-for-profit organization that showcases talented senior artists as a means of partially supporting the development of local senior artistic talent, and the creation and implementation of programs of art and programs of art therapy aimed at the local senior community of the greater Portland area.

We select art and the artists primarily for their skills and creativity. High artistic standards ensure value of the work and longevity. We have a large number of highly qualified artists. We are constantly exploring emerging talent as well as senior career professionals.

Our consultants will provide an initial consultation at no cost to you. We will assist and guide you to determine the placement and type of artwork that will best represent you goals. Budgeting is very important and a thorough evaluation of the space and your requirements are detailed in subsequent meetings. Presentation to boards and management is also part of our services to help promote the selection and to answer any questions regarding the artworks and the reasoning behind our selections.



ArtVault facilitates commissioning artists, purchasing, framing when necessary.
ArtVault will supervise all aspects of your art purchases including installation.
ArtVault will also facilitate restoration, reframing and selection of existing artworks in the facilities possession

Project assessment, concept development, artist and artwork selection, commissions, art procurement, Interpretive displays, way finding, framing, and art handling and shipping.