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The Geezer Gallery is closely monitoring the coronavirus, COVID-19, which has been declared a global pandemic, and we share your concern in these uncertain times. Because our population is at higher risk, we’re following the recommendations of the Oregon Health Authority and have taken steps to do our part in preventing the virus’ spread.

  • We have implemented precautionary changes for the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers.
  • We are following social distancing guidance from the CDC and OHA and cancelling events that would gather groups of more than 10

For more information, please check the CDC website

Proudly featuring work of Farooq Hassan

Celebrating Seniors

The Geezer Gallery is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing master-level senior artists and providing therapeutic arts programs to the local senior community, giving voice through art to seniors!


Your donation will help the Geezer Gallery continue its mission and valuable programs for our community. Research reveals that therapeutic art can have a significant impact on the health, well-being, and social engagement of seniors. We have numerous examples of how program participants react to our programs!

Thank you for the generosity of our individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors! Together we are creating a healthy and happier world for our elders.

Several residents at Emerson House for patients with Alzheimer’s, have been overjoyed with professionally led art classes by our program facilitators. One resident excitedly tells his family daily about his last art project, how much fun he has in class, and how wonderful it is to work with our therapeutic art programs. Another resident has difficulty communicating verbally, and it is sometimes hard for him to connect with others in a social setting. When he began to attend a therapeutic art program, we instantly noticed the short and long-term benefits it gave him. He was able to speak coherently during class and focus on his art while creating beautiful masterpieces! A former art teacher, who is a resident, attends every class. He enjoys the chance to be the student, share his artwork, and give ideas of his own with our art program.
These are just a few of the success stories we see with involvement in this wonderful program. These lives are enhanced by art! Your donation will help us continue these programs that enrich the lives of our senior artists, their families and our community.

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Exhibit at Artist Repertory Theatre

Exhibiting and Marketing

A key program of The Geezer Gallery is exhibiting and marketing juried artwork created by artists age 60 and above. The Geezer Gallery currently is collaborating with Artists Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.), Montgomery Park, and numerous locations. Please see the Exhibitions page for more information.