Geezer Gallery


Celebrating Seniors

The Geezer Gallery is a unique 501c3 non-profit art organization devoted to celebrating Master Level senior artists and providing “art as therapy” programs, giving voice through art to seniors in our community. Our creativity programs for seniors are designed to enable brain-cell growth, dexterity and an opportunity for personal self-expression.

Exhibit at Artist Repertory Theatre

Exhibiting and Marketing

A key program of The Geezer Gallery is exhibiting and marketing juried artwork created by artists age 60 and above. The Geezer Gallery currently  is collaborating with Artists Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.) to feature new exhibitions and artist receptions at each performance throughout at least the next 3 seasons.


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Art Connections: Bridging the Generations

This summer, The Geezer Gallery partnered with Bridge Meadows — a living community dedicated to serving foster youth, adoptive parents, and elders — to create an intergenerational art program that challenges children and older adults to collaborate and express themselves through creative process by partnering on an art project. Using writing and mixed media, the partners were able to open up and discover more about each other.

Getting to facilitate the class was such a rewarding experience as an advocate for the arts, and watching the development of skill and confidence of each person in the class was truly inspiring. As an artist myself, my true passion is to communicate through creative means. I love sharing my passion with others and the response in the Bridging Generations classes really showed me that these kinds of programs are worth while. Bridging the Generations classes offer the opportunity to learn and use high-quality art products and the latest design techniques. Many of the people taking the class had never used or even heard of the material, so watching the development from class one to the final class was a fun process. Those who were timid or not confident in the beginning soon opened up and were eager to learn the next technique. The class met with such enthusiasm and support of each other, which resulted in an amazing relationship-building experience for everyone who participated. I believe this program has the capability to impact more communities in the Portland area and I can’t wait to see where it’s taken next. Everyone has a story to tell!”

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We bow deeply to our partners who helped take this from a dream to fruition!

RACC – Regional Arts & Culture Council
SAGE Metro Portland
True Path Consulting NW
Friendly House
Hollywood Senior Center
Artists Repertory Theatre
Age Wise Institute – NUNM
Our House of Portland

Please Welcome Our Newest Members of The Geezer Gallery Team!


Acacia Steinberg – Curator

Acacia grew up in Southeast Portland and has been active within the Pacific Northwest art scene since 2010. She is currently pursuing a degree in Art History at Lewis and Clark College and plans to expand her studies to Italy in spring of 2017. Acacia loves the creative hub that is Portland and is excited to be apart of the Geezer Gallery not only to further her curatorial skills but also to work in a place whose mission focuses on bettering the Portland art community.

64d05f18-bfed-406a-97a4-6f9ac91cf9a6Natalie Mussotto – Curator
Natalie is a fine artist born and raised in Portland, Oregon and is passionate about the northwest. She just completed her undergraduate degree at Portland State University majoring in Art Practices with a minor in Business Administration. Natalie is an award-winning printmaker in addition to designing skis and snowboards for a local company. She is inspired by the outdoors and hopes to convey her love for the northwest through visual storytelling. Natalie also hopes that by working with the Geezer Gallery and its mission, she will gain valuable knowledge in the field she admires.